Special dietary foods


Finding food and ingredients for friends and family members with special dietary requirements can be difficult, as I found out when my husband discovered he was dairy and gluten intolerant.

Not just one thing but two!! 


We stock a good selection of local vegetables and regional cheeses, pulses, nuts and snacks. Vegetable quiches, pies and pasties can be found on our deli counter. We also hold a selection of frozen vegetarian  ready meals.


We stock a large selection of vegan snacks, egg free mayonnaise, egg substitute for cake and bread making, nuts, pulses, pies, croissants and fresh vegetables. 

Dairy intolerent

Lots of choice for dairy free folks, bread, cakes, snacks, frozen ready meals, biscuits , chocolate and ice creams.

Egg intolerent

We have a range of goods that contain no egg. Cakes, snacks, pies, Pasties and frozen ready meals. Orders taken for special requests.


We hold a large choice of cooking ingredients, pasty mixes, batter mixes, stuffings, cakes, biscuits, pasta, pies, quiches, scotch eggs, faggots, sausages, burgers and pasties. Orders taken for special requests.